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I use Yelp almost exclusively for reviewing restaurants.

Every once in a great while, though, a business beyond the food industry will either deplete or restore my faith in humanity to such a degree that I feel compelled to write them a review. In the case of realtor Daniel Dwyer-Snyder (eXp Realty), I cannot conjure sufficient superlatives to explain how wonderful he is. My Aunt Sharon passed away in 2017 and, as her sole-surviving competent relative, I inherited the unenviable task of trying to settle her estate. This task was greatly complicated by the fact that I live in Louisville, Kentucky - nearly an eight-hour drive from the house she left behind in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Moreover, my Aunt was a hoarder. Her home - vacant for some time - needed to be cleaned, repaired, and updated. I lost plenty of sleep wondering how I could possibly accomplish these things and elevate the property into a marketable condition. I knew that picking the right realtor would be pivotal. Given my circumstance, I knew I would have no recourse but to extend a great deal of trust to whomever I selected. I would have to rely on them to be proactive and tenacious. I would need them to go not just "the extra mile," but perhaps an extra hundred miles. I needed a professional who would assume all of the annoying responsibilities that I couldn't personally oversee, given that I'm several states away. I also knew these expectations were wholly unrealistic. I didn't just need a realtor - I needed a genuine friend. As a shrewd and thorough consumer, I investigated every realtor within a fifty-mile radius of the Mount Pleasant area. I made an Excel spreadsheet to chronicle and rate different realtors on a dozen different professional parameters. Are their listings articulate and detailed? How good are their photos? How easily can I reach them on the phone and how personable are they once I succeed in doing so? What are their credentials and how keen-minded do they seem? I scoured customer feedback and even tested these realtors by posing questions to which I secretly already knew the answers. I was determined to find the best, and I did. I whittled my candidates down to an excellent three, and one quickly stood out from the others. That candidate - a veritable godsend for me - was Daniel Dwyer-Snyder. He treated my Aunt's house as if it was his own and he did not spend my repair budget in a cavalier manner. Rather, he leveraged countless money-saving loopholes and negotiated with contractors on my behalf to get us the best repair work for the best prices. He knew what to update and how best to update it. He advised without pressuring and seamlessly incorporated my input. He even got his own hands dirty on multiple occasions. He picked out new light fixtures. He personally ripped up carpet. He personally installed window screens to spare me an installation fee. He personally dealt with unexpected plumbing problems. He personally applied for permits, filed paperwork, and attended meetings - all things which are typically the unenviable domain of the homeowner. And he did these things - without complaint - for months and months. Throughout this process, he remained upbeat, communicative, reliable, and a sheer pleasure to deal with. As his client, I always felt valued and informed. Daniel took his time on every detail, and he always made time to involve me. He made that old house look so good, I thought about moving into it myself. It was unrecognizable. In the end, he sold my Aunt's home in a timely manner, and for a higher price than I anticipated. I could never have settled my Aunt's estate without Daniel Dwyer-Snyder and I am indebted to him. Had he done half of what he did for me, I would have been a happy client. I basically sent him a house key in the mail, and watched remotely as he made magic happen. I only met him in person one time. He was worth ten times the modest commission he charged. The man makes me proud to also be named "Daniel." If you or anyone you know happens to need a realtor in Michigan, I'm trying to do you a huge favor here: call Daniel Dwyer-Snyder. I can recommend him as emphatically as I've ever recommended any professional for any task.

D.B. Louisville, KY
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